South Chapter TI Series – From Zero to Hero

Session 1: Threat Intell and Mitre Att&ck 101

Threat intelligence (TI) is becoming increasingly important for organisations and a popular feature in cyber security programs. The South Chapter are exploring the opportunity for companies to support each other in building up their threat intelligence platforms, sharing local knowledge and best practices, and connecting with organisations outside their industry verticals.


1st Meeting – Threat Intel & Sharing (2nd September)

A South Chapter meeting was held to explore, through a combination of panel speakers followed by audience participation, best practices on how Southern Chapter Members are both gathering TI and how they approach sharing or accessing that intelligence. Three presentations were made from a software, hardware & OT security perspectives.


“TI Series: From Zero to Hero”

Following the interest in the 1st meeting, we are organising a series of short (30 minute) webinars/workshops exploring TI and sharing from beginner to advanced topics – “TI Series: From Zero to Hero”. Members are invited to participate and contribute – you can submit your topic/case study to …..

The TI Series is being led by industry experts from the South Chapter:

  • Eoin Carroll, Advanced Threat Research, McAfee
  • Andy Grzess, CTO Smarttech 247

Starting from Zero
Session 1: Threat Intell and Mitre Att&ck 101
Date: Wednesday 21 st October 2020
Time: 12.30pm or 1.00pm (30mins)
Platform: Zoom Webinar

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