Beyond IoT

25th Jan ONLINE CONFERENCE 2021: 4th BeyondIoT

The successful, annual, Beyond IoT conference is back for its fourth consecutive year. January 2021 see’s Beyond IoT going 4.0 with a, highly engaging, virtual conference experience.

The world has been forced to rapidly evolve and transform industry digital in order for businesses to survive. Beyond IoT 4.0 will be putting its focus on this digital revolution by bringing together, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, SME’s, Start-Ups and Industry CO’s along with a plethora of, award winning, key note speakers to discuss strategic concepts and deep technology insights. What are the threats, the opportunities and the various financial and developmental avenues that will help, the transition to digital, be a seamless success.


There is an international array of speakers including people from Harvard and MIT. Speakers include:

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