Ireland is currently at a Cyber Talent shortage. Therefore Cyber Security is estimated to be a leading career with basic salaries out of university starting at €35,000 a year.* (See the full report: Cyber Ireland Skills Report 2021) This five day Academy will give you the head start towards a Cyber Security career for the future.

The Cyber Security Academy is the first of its kind and is recruiting 4th, 5th and 6th year students who want to learn the essential skills to identify, prevent and predict cyber-attacks. This five day programme  (8th – 11th of June 2021) will introduce students to: 

Cyber Crime Investigation 

Cryptography & Authentication 

Cyber Security Training 

Ethical Hacking  

And much more!

Identify how cyber criminals can gain access to your data & their techniques with the help of experts from Garda Siochana. Discover how cyber security experts protect our hospitals, banks, army, and police services. Learn the essential skills on how to hack for good as well as how to protect yourself, your friends and family from cyber criminals.

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For more information, contact Aoife Long (Cyber Skills Education and Public Engagement Manager)[email protected]


Cryptography is integral to our online world. Online shopping, banking and communication all rely on cryptography to work effectively. As part of this course, you will learn how this cryptography works and how you can set-up encryption to keep all your own messages and communications safe. We will also cover password cracking and how we can uncover hidden information when cryptography is not implemented correctly

Ethical hacking is legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization’s defenses. As part of this course, develop the ethical hacker mindset by learning the fundamentals of command-line programming, attack frameworks, penetration testing and more. These skills will start you along the cybersecurity path of getting paid to keep up with the latest technology and legally test computer defenses to outsmart the ever-changing hacking landscape that will never go away.

Capture-the-Flag is a fun and safe environment to learn what hackers do and the tools they use. It will also demonstrate how vulnerable computer technology is and help you to become more aware and skilled at securing and defending against attacks. Practice the skills you’ve learned this week as you face a series of fun challenges, ever increasing in difficulty, as you attempt to earn the most points. Rather than a race, this style of game-play encourages taking time to approach challenges in novel and interesting ways.

To see the Cyber Security Academy’s data protection policy, please click here

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